Carl Knapper

“Always easily distracted, and easily led” was the general comment found on my teachers school report card.  In short, I was an annoying little pr@*k at school. Except for one hour a week. 

Art Class was my release valve. It let my mind wander and I found myself telling visual stories as a way of communicating thoughts. My art was soon getting recognised by my art teacher and others, which spurred me on. 

I went to art college and, after graduating, became an advertising art director in London. I was getting paid for creating ideas through visual storytelling. More importantly, I was doing something I loved. No wonder I stayed for so long.

Today, I create art installations (usually murals) and canvas art. They are all about escapism and the freedom to explore. I love creating something out of nothing. 

My canvases bring two different realities together, combining themes that are worlds apart. Yet, when interlinked, they deliver a unique narrative. This synthesis of opposing ideas can reflect my feelings, my reaction to a specific object, what’s happening to me in the moment or what’s going on in the wider world.

I work in crosshatch using acrylic pens. This gives me meticulous control of the detail, whether it’s drawing the feathers of a bird or the reflection off a metallic surface. I tend to work in black & white, though adding a limited colour palette sometimes helps enhance a key part of the story. White backgrounds are a feature of my style, enabling me to focus on the subject matter without distractions.